Friday, September 4, 2009

Rock Beach

Took a quick day trip down to Perkins' Cove recently and walked along Marginal Way. There are a couple of places with actual water access that are called 'beaches'. They are basically all rocks, with no sand recognizable to the human eye. What you are looking at here is the entire 'beach' population on this August afternoon. However, near the end of our walk, there are picturesque views of Ogunquit Beach off in the distance. This afternoon the beach there was packed! It got up to 85 inland around here today; A real end of summer day for us. One thing about an August in Maine-- summer ends very abruptly, often with no warning. So we try to enjoy every single warm afternoon. Why? It's a long time til May.


  1. "it's a long time til May." No truer words could be spoken. You do capture the compactness of a Portland 'beach' in this. And the Mainers' determination to soak up every last ray of sunlight.

  2. It is a long time til May, and even then, it's still freaking too cold for me! I know, I know, what a wimp I am.