Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cousins Island Bridge

An early Sunday ride towards Yarmouth from the city gets you on Cousins Island via the Cousins Island Bridge with little traffic coming or going. It brought back a wonderful memory of a family trip to Great Chebeague Island when I was about eight. We took the 15 minute ferry ride from Cousins and spent the day on the back side of Chebeague. As usual, Mom did all the arduous preparations loading up the station wagon with all the rigmarole needed for a day away from home with four small kids. I'm sure each of us took away a memory or two of this day. Mine were Dad's lobster-red sunburn (he always did it his way... no sun lotion for him!) and my first adventure with horseshoe crabs. Forget about the natural history of the species being around 250 million years give or take a few years, I was just amazed at its look and that there were so many on the beach. Never seen 'em at Willard or Crescent. This fall morning the air is invigorating; the water is calm with nice bridge and island spruce reflections in the distance.


  1. Wonderful bridge with its own little ripple. Nice shot, Birdman.

  2. What a gorgeous bridge. Love your reminiscences too.