Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today, October 1, 2009, is Theme Day in the CityDailyPhotoBlog community. I saw this last weekend on a walk near Onawa Lake. Our friend G- was taking us down the tracks to the start of the railroad trestle. I was being a bit of a pain, wanting to photograph lots of sights around us. I'm sure he rolled his eyes a time or two. I finally said, just go on, and I'll catch up. And so it went. Later, when we got home, I was thinking... what to do for the theme: "Contrast", and there it was iron and lonesome colored leaves... together.


  1. Great shot - I love the contrast! I have no doubt that G. rolled his eyes while you were looking for the perfect shot! I also have no doubt that he enjoyed himself too!

  2. Love the contrast.
    I enjoyed myself, too.
    Especially since no one fell off the trestle.

  3. Great choice for theme day, Birdman. Really crisp shot...I'm guessing the air was pretty crisp that day, too, judging by what it's been like here in Brattleboro. Thanks for the link to the Boston G article. It's pretty accurate and the suggestions were excellent. Care to come sample some of those beers on tap?

  4. Beautiful. Yes, sometimes we just have to speak up, slow down and get our photos! It's a beauty.