Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flagstaff Lake1

Road Trip- Ever been to a ghost town? Here's another 'adventure' we've taken recently. This one took us to Flagstaff Lake. It sprawls over Somerset and Franklin counties in the north-western part of the state. There's an interesting history here centering around the town of Flagstaff. Back about 60 years, the town's buildings were either dismantled, taken away or just torn down and surrounding area was flooded over and a once Maine town slipped into oblivion. The Lake itself occupies parts of the abandoned and now submerged townships of Flagstaff, Bigelow, Dead River and Carrying Place. The last time we were here we photographed, investigated and took in the stillness of it all. It's a bit eerie to stare out across the open water and remember that a town and people once stood there.


  1. We have a similar story here in Windham county. And of course there have been some great books and movies made on the theme.

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