Saturday, June 6, 2009

At the Dock 1

Three quick posts this Saturday morning--- Whoops! I've broken another rule. Oh well... As we got back to the terminal, aboard the Bay Mist, three Casco Bay Lines ferries, in their very distinctive red, yellow and black color scheme, were loading up for afternoon runs. I've always enjoyed my trips on the Bay, the varied destinations around and to various islands, and the names of their five vessels: the Aucocisco III(the Abenaki name for Casco Bay and 'resting place'), the Machigonne II(the Abenaki name for the Portland Peninsula and 'knee'... ever seen the map of Portland?), the Island Romance(nuff said), the Marquoit(the Abenaki name for 'saltmarsh') and the Bay Mist(the partyboat). It was a beautiful day among the islands, with a stopover at Peaks for a picnic lunch on the grassy knoll overlooking Portland in the distance. Great fun for all aboard!

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