Monday, June 29, 2009


This window is on Danforth Street in the city. Got out of the car to take a picture of the building across the street, and when I turned it was there begging for a 'turn' in the lens. I'm sure this 'six over six' would have quite a story to tell looking out at the Victoria Mansion for oh so many years. What happens to windows and their frames when they've seemingly outlived their usefulness, in this energy-saving conscious world? At a stay at the Mt. Washington Hotel and Resort in Bretton Woods, NH a few years back, I saw an idea for aged window use. They had taken some small, old windows removed from the hotel during renovations, and given them new life as picture frames, with historical photographs of this grand hotel lining the hallways. I thought, what a unique way for windows to continue to tell their tales of past times.


  1. The stone lintel at the top of the window is there so that the weight is evenly distributed above the window.

  2. Nice post, Birdman. I love the simplicity of the shot. You give us a scene upon which we can create our own stories.