Monday, June 22, 2009


June 22-- it's day two of summer! Yesterday was the longest day of the year. Hope you wore it well. I know I did! I had a wonderful Father's Day that ended with a Hawaiian Blizzard. Believe or not, the days are starting to shorten up a bit. But the sun is up early(and out someplace... not here), and that's a good thing for me. I LOVE early mornings and the excitement each new day brings. You sleep past 9 AM on a summer day, and the day, for the most part, is over in my eyes! Today, kids are starting summer vacation, off to beaches, lakes and summer camps. I'm up early this morning too. Rise and shine, buttercup!


  1. Flip flops are the best shoes EVER!

  2. What a great photo!!! Yes this week starts summer vacation, so looking forward to soaking up some sun and wearing my flip flops!

  3. I noticed the sun coming up EARLY in Maine too when I was there last month.