Monday, June 1, 2009

Theme Day: Feet

Today, June 1, is Theme Day in the CityDailyPhoto community around the the world.
Kids do the darnedest things! Some even paint their sneaks. Here's one that was 'caught in the halls' and was ever so happy to show off his handiwork. Life and language are constantly in flux, aren't they. I used to call these sneakers; today kids just call them shoes. One of my all time favorite pictures from awhile ago(probably around '89 or so)shows me and J- on our back stoop. Me in my beat-up red Converses, and J- sitting proudly on my knees in his first pair of Nike hightops, a gift from a friend. Both boys looking so proud!


  1. Great shot. Love the odd shoes - super choice for today.

  2. Such interesting footwear. I'd love to see the character's face at the other end.

  3. Jordan is my home dawg (: