Saturday, June 27, 2009

Casco Bay Bridge

The Fore River is a 4 miles estuary that separates Portland from South Portland. Much of both cities port facilities are found along this stretch of river. Small bit of history: the river was originally known as Levett's River, named after Capt. Christopher Levett, the first English settler of the Casco Bay area. This view affords one a nice view of mid-city Portland. From here, you can see there's still a lot of green in the city. The city's nickname is 'the Forest City' and until the infamous Dutch Elm Disease ran amuck during the 60s, it really was a city of those majestic trees towering skyward. I do remember the day the Park Department sprayed yellow Xs on elms lining Stevens, including two in front of our house. Later that summer, they were gone. Nothing was left to the beautiful testament they held for the city but sawdust on the pavement. The death of the elms in Portland was truly a sad time for this ol' town.


  1. I wish I had seen them. There must be photo archives of them. Perhaps you could post one for us some day.

  2. That is one grand bridge! You also chose a grand perspective for your photo.

  3. shame about the elms - a lot was gone in the UK too changing the landscape.