Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter S

Ferry Beach at low tide is pretty deserted. Lonely, except for patterned sand, seaweed, a few rocks and lots of water. The foreground, myriad patterns in the sand, was what caught my eye here this morning. Nature is amazing, isn't it. How and why things are done sometimes is just mind-boggling! On a sunny, warm June day, it'll be crowded in a few hours, and I'm not talking just about the dogs. It's a very popular beach that looks out towards Pine Point. Did you 'catch' the letter S too? Kind of strange...


  1. Really beautiful shot, Birdman. I love the way the patterned sand is an echo of the water chop.

  2. Very nice composition. I like the rocks in the foreground and the serpentine rivulet leading to the ocean in the background.

  3. Ofcourse "s" Is Quite Clear...Great Shot And Quite Spontaneous..I Loved It..Great Blog..