Thursday, June 11, 2009


These rhodies wait out another dreary morning, but, rumor has it, ol' man sun will make an appearance in the not to distant future. For me, when the rhododendrons burst around this backyard, it signals the start a beautiful garden season. E-'s flower gardens are magnificent. If you took a look at a snapshot of what this place looked like back in '77, you REALLY wouldn't recognize it. Landscaping and color all over! I must say; however, they get this way not without lots of work... oh ya and lots of blood (sometimes), sweat (duh!) and tears( in private moments). Every year, we sort of take on a 'little' summer project, and most times it involves the flower gardens. Last summer it was the area to the left of the garage, behind a stone wall and up the rise near an old apple tree. Now, to be perfectly honest, it still a work in progress, but when completed (soon?), I think it will be a 'draw to the eye' from the road. Always working against us around here, though, is a strain of granite that runs diagonally through our land and makes most areas to dig in an added pain. Can you say rocks, rocks, rocks and more rocks? I know you can! But hey, this is New England, and this must be a part that old 'ethic' they talk about around here. Work!


  1. I wonder how many of us have these beauties in our gardens.

  2. Beautiful colors, and great shot of the flowers.