Friday, March 18, 2011


Portland has quite a seafaring tradition, and this window, on a Portland side street, seems quite symbolic to me. Like a boat in a bottle, my eye has been drawn to this window scene often in my travels in these parts. In a past life, it seems it was a small produce warehouse. Today, it's office space. This weekend? Sail away!


  1. Great shot with contrast and color... It does resemble a ship in a bottle. I love the faded writing on the walls...

    Oh, you should definitely get a kilt! hehe


  2. This is a nice composition, Birdman. It does indeed look like a ship in a bottle. Congrats to the tenants for their strategic placement of the ship model in your historic sailing city.

  3. I love this place, too. Nice capture.

  4. This photo has a lot going for it -- green door against red brick, vintage fifteen pane window, old white lettering announcing its former use -- enjoyed -- barbara

  5. It almost looks like a real sailboat reflected in the glass!

  6. At first I thought the sailboat was a reflection! This is a nicely composed shot.

  7. Love the colours and the sailboat is the perfect touch!

  8. What a wonderful find! The color of the building is great.

  9. reminds me of the doorways in the old south street seaport in lower Manhattan

  10. That's a beautiful gesture for a seafaring city. However, I was just watching some video of fishing boats in Japan being thrown about like toys in the tsunami. All of our creations are fragile.

  11. Love the colors and balance here. . .
    Now it's Saturday and your post isn't up yet. Wake up, wake up!
    I'm waiting for your pic.

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