Sunday, March 22, 2009


This morning: an assignment! Ok, get your Maine Atlas and Gazetteer out for this one. Took a ride south yesterday afternoon along the blue water, to Biddeford Pool, Fortunes Rocks, Goose Rocks Beach, Cape Porpoise, Cape Arundel all the way to Gooch's Beach, where they were having an afternoon of Family Kite Fun. Great names, huh! It took me back some days. Back to Gulliver's again and our March afternoons of kite flying. First, it was off to White's 5 and 10 Store to purchase the cheapest kite we could find, put it together and get it up. To be perfectly honest, we put more money into buying string than kite. Lots of string! Of course, the object was not how bright and beautiful they looked, but how high we could get them up. We'd blot them out of the sky with our thumbs; they'd be up so high. Wonderful fun! But two days max, then it was off to clearing off that baseball field in our back yard and some serious spring business!


  1. Great shot, Birdman. And these are definitely colorful choices. I bet there are many more options these days and the cheap kites you purchased are probably not available anymore. For other visitors, definitely click to enlarge to see the detail on this. Beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous place for family kite flying. Seems to be a bit chilly, though.