Friday, March 6, 2009

Sacred Heart's Steeples

At the corner of Mellen and Sherman, you'll find the Church of the Sacred Heart. It became the third parish in the city, along with the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and St. Dominics, with the first Mass celebrated in the church on July 4, 1915. What's my connection? Ready for this? Golf! In high school, along with delivering morning and evening newspapers in the Morrill's Corner area, my brother and I caddied at Riverside Golf Course. After taking a 'How to Caddy' course at the Portland Boys Club, my love of the game was born here. To 'get out'(caddy jargon for getting a bag to carry), you had to get to the course early. On a Sunday, this was a problem. We had to deliver about 80 papers(the Portland Sunday Telegram... before it changed to the Maine...), get to Sacred Heart's 6 AM Mass and reach Riverside before 6:45. At least it was a fast Mass! Sunday morning was pretty frenetic around our family. The early morning sun, rising over the beautiful rolling hills of this course, brought a certain amount of serenity to my teen years.


  1. I love those steeples. There's something slightly exotic about them. And it looks as if you've had a day or so of melting.

  2. The trees make a beautiful case for the church. Great story too!