Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This stranded bike reminds me of my JC Higgins that served me well from 3rd Grade right through high school. It was a shiny red one, with cool silver fenders and baskets on either side off the rear, perfect for getting around the neighborhood or delivering about 80 Portland Evening Expresses each afternoon. Of course, in weather like this, I rigged up my sled with two wooden crates, that I got at the A&P, and had no problem with those heavy Sunday morning papers. It was freezing at daybreak, but I found the faster I ran, the warmer I got. As I remember from those Jack London novels... it was 'survival of the fittest'!


  1. That seat looks to be awfully cold and hard right now.

  2. Thank you for sharing your paper delivery story with us! I love this photo and I miss Longfellow Books.

  3. Yes, Birdman,
    And do you recall who helped you on the weekdays delivering all 11 papers on Bishop and Mayfield??
    Yep, those were the days, bro.

  4. Yikes. No bike should be out in that weather!