Sunday, March 29, 2009


My brother lost a longtime friend this past week. When I got the news, I just stared at the screen. Lots of memories of my brother and TK doing crazy stuff growing-up flooded back. M- and I got together later that evening and took a drive through his old neighborhood. TK lived, basically, on the campus of what was then called Westbrook College, with an enrollment of just the 'finer sex'. Across from his house in winter, the college would flood the area and turn it into a huge skating rink with lights. Playing pick-up games of ice hockey with the girls was great fun. Some excitement... night skating under the lights with college girls. On All Hallows Eve, the dorms that lined both sides of Stevens Avenue were places to fill your trick 'o treat bags to the brim. Climbing the stairs and going room to room , dorm to dorm, I thought was so cool for kids of ten or so. I remember it being my first peek at what college dorm life would look like. I couldn't wait!
But 'back to now', M- and I went, grabbed some dinner and raised a glass to a friend. Driving home a wave of sadness overtook me, as I thought back to what for TK, M-, myself and others we could entice along, had become a summer ritual- driving to Hampton Beach Casino and taking in a Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes concert and all the 'side-lights' that come with it--- Italian sausages, cigars on the beach, and TK talking to about anyone who would listen etc... ah, he will be missed.
TK, everyone knows what you are doing today--- playing that great golf course in the sky(with no 'goofy golf'), so--- hit 'em straight my friend.


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  2. Thanks.....well said bro.

  3. Birdman, this is a beautiful post in every way.

  4. TK.. now you are in the company of the 'greats' in golf and the 'wonders' of the mega rock scene gone before us..

    Where no one waits in line.. or needs to buy a ticket!
    And the golf balls are in abundance!
    Play on!