Thursday, March 19, 2009


The front of Harbor Fish Market is often painted and photographed and is one of the iconic scenes of the working waterfront. Here's a shot of a side that few see, unless you're walking the short alleyway towards J's. It's not one of the pretty views. Piled up lobster traps, noisy gulls, unpleasant smells and a narrow angle of nasty water bombard the senses, but it can be a field day for the camera.


  1. On a foggy evening back in high school, an old friend and I photographed a three masted schooner at this very spot. Walking along the waterfront in foul weather can be inspiring. This alley way is a path of many of J's patrons on their way to the next stop, perhaps Dry Dock or RiRah's.

  2. That is a beautiful a painting.

    Funny how to you it is not a pretty view but to me it is beauty!

  3. I love this spot. I came here once when I was feeling particularly pensive and the smell and sense of the place was so real, it brought me great comfort. So great to see this capture of it!

  4. Nice Shot! Reds and Golds live on!
    Looks like a great place to hide from the stress of life. I'm there!
    Thanks, Birdman for bringin' us another trophy!