Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fort Allen Park

A little snow, a little fog, temperatures still in the 30s but these two Civil War 4.5" siege guns sit proud atop Fort Allen Park on Eastern Prom this morning. I'm sure 'sebago' recognizes these cannons. She's told me she often played upon them as a child, growing up over-looking Casco Bay. For our neighborhood gang, it was Gulliver's Field. Located behind the old Westbrook College, it was our local playground. Now, but a barren plot, it once had swing sets, a small merry-go-round, monkey bars, a teeter-totter, three baseball diamonds and during a couple of summers, a daily recreation program, with an instructor. Youthful entertainment? Didn't have to go far. If I had my jackknife, I was set for hours.


  1. This photograph, in shades of gray, has such a satisfying feel. Really crisp, clean shot.

  2. THANKS, for the memories ( apologies to Bob Hope)! I like the way you got BOTH cannons into the shot. Clever angle.

  3. Kaboom! This is a wonderfully, sharp, focused photo!