Sunday, March 15, 2009

Morning Breaks

This Morning
By Raymond Carver
This morning was something. A little snow
lay on the ground. The sun floated in a clear blue sky.
The sea was blue, and blue-green, as far as the eye could see.
Scarcely a ripple.
Calm. I dressed and went
for a walk -- determined not to return
until I took in what Nature had to offer.
I passed close to some old, bent-over trees.
Crossed a field strewn with rocks
where snow had drifted...
All the things I hoped would go away this morning.
The stuff I live with every day.
What I've trampled on in order to stay alive.
But for a minute or two I did forget
myself and everything else. I know I did.
For when I turned back I didn't know
where I was. Until some birds rose up
from the gnarled trees. And flew
in the direction I needed to be going.
* Raymond Carver is a favorite of mine. I thought this one poignant this morning.


  1. Ah, beautiful. Those trees are wearing the sun like a gold tiara.

  2. The framing of this photo is so perfect. The tree seems like it is extending a hand to come and take a look at what it beholds! Your selection of poems are wonderful and compliment your style. Right on!

  3. Snow? I guess the poem says it all. Good photo!

  4. Nice post. Some interesting links too.

  5. Marchin O'NeachtainMarch 15, 2009 at 7:55 PM

    I see Spring time in this photo!