Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Rock

So, I'm driving down Rt 1 this morning, and the sun's coming up. There's a gentle breeze blowing these reeds around to my right, and this image grabs my eye. And now that Paul Simon song is in my head... those last two lines... Have I figured them out yet?

And a rock feels no pain;

And an island never cries.
I Am a Rock
Paul Simon


  1. It's a wonderful moody shot and now I'll have Simon and Garfunkle playing in my head all day. Thanks.

  2. A small glacial erratic I think? I really like your composition and very sharp focus.

  3. Fore and aft appear to be in harmony. Great shot on this march madness morn.

  4. Nice photo! I was thinking "She loves me like a rock!" Shows how much I know.