Monday, March 2, 2009

The Sentry

It's another snow day in southern Maine- all the way up the East Coast for that matter. Will this March Madness ever end? Another 10-12 inches are on the way today; snowing til late afternoon. A big maple on the property stands guard through all four seasons. This morning, it looks like it's a 'wanna be white birch', but really, its claim to fame is when it catches almost fire in its late autumn, bright, yellow-orange glow. Ah, snow days... I remember snow days, on Coyle, sitting on that large, cushioned second floor window seat and watching Back Bay slowly disappear in the falling whiteness and the slow crawl of traffic along the Boulevard. These were the days that Mom earned her stripes! Entertain four kids all day and not lose her sanity? Mission accomplished!


  1. What a beautiful shot. And what a comfort this tree must be to you through every season. I would cherish such a tree standing watch over me.