Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Hill, Libbytown, Morrill's Corner, Rosemont, Woodford's Corner, Bayside, Stroudwater, Nason's Corner, Deering Center, Riverton, Lunt's Corner, the West End, Kennedy Park, Eastern Prom, Parkside, North Deering, Gorham Corner, the East End and Back Cove are just a few of the delightful names for neighborhoods around the city. Most of these go back a ways and have their own little, interesting histories. During my high school years, we lived on lower Coyle, just a 'skip and a jump' from the the water. I remember being a bit hesitant moving from our house on Stevens, with all those friends and childhood memories to the huge house near Woodford's Corner. But it really didn't take me long to fall in love with the beautiful home that over-looked Back Cove. Evenings, I often took walks on the myriad of streets that surrounded this area. This building, with its clock tower, is the most recognizable site at this five way intersection. Most of my early mornings, before classes, were spent nearby, acquiring my love of a good 'cup of joe' at the Dunkin' Donuts with the guys.


  1. You really tickle the imagination by naming the neighborhoods for those who haven't been there. And for those who have, Birdman, you bring us right back to the fogs and the winds and the clouds and the water and the gulls and the smells and the sounds. I love when you recount boyhood memories. Thank you for sharing your Portland with us.

  2. Sounds like you've created some wonderful memories! I'd love to visit your city some day. My heart is in the Pac. Northwest...