Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rust Farm

By August, the corn will be high right to the crest of this hill here on this farm, just off Rt. 25 coming out of Gorham. I love this view of the bleakness of a cold March morning, with that vague aroma of mud, as the sun attempts to break through. If Dickens wrote a country story, he'd love this setting, I bet. In some strange way, I find this view gives off a comforting feeling this time of year... a time of longing for warmth.

*Happy B-Day wishes going out to nephew Z- down there in Portsmouth today. Didn't I tell you this month was loaded with birthdays for us?


  1. Oh, that brooding sky. Oh, that restless land. Love the palette and proportions here. Happy B-day, Z.

  2. I LOVE wide open spaces. I feel a change coming! I opened the door this morning and I could smell spring!!