Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold December

Here at the corner of Middle and Exchange Streets in the Old Port an early winter afternoon winds down. Most years, when the calendar turns to December, I start thinking of two favorite activities. One comes the week before Christmas and that's Merry Madness, an evening when most shops in the Old Port stay open til 10 PM. The 'Madness' usually starts at a local hotel with holiday music, adult beverages and good friends. It's always a festive night, and sometimes I'll even make a purchase. Another tradition of sorts is our family's sojourn to the Old Port area the weekend before the holiday. We dress warm and just meander shop to shop, taking in the holiday music and the spirit of the season. The afternoon always ends at the Christmas Noel, a store that specializes in creative Christmas ornaments. J- purchases a new one each year for his tree. It's a wonderful way to get you in the mood. This year? It'll be a bit different, but just as spirited, I'm sure. Happy December!

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