Tuesday, December 8, 2009


December 8, 1980... the day a piece of MY music died. Hearing Howard Cosell relate the news to the Monday Night Football audience(Patriots vs Dolphins) was like taking a solid hit to the stomach that, in some ways, still has me reeling to this day. Always wanted to visit Strawberry Fields and had the chance recently. Found the late afternoon visit a bit eerie with The Dakota lurking over my shoulder. You got to think the high gables, the balustrades, the gas lanterns burning even in the daytime, and the black iron gates leading into the open interior courtyard lend you that spooky feeling.
RIP John Winston Ono Lennon.


  1. Eerie for me was how the people standing around that mosaic just stood there, unmoving, in quiet reverence. Some for quite a while. The flowers and candles are removed periodically, but are soon replaced by other lifelong devotees.
    I agree, the Dakota looming overhead added to the solemnity.

  2. Marchin O'NeachtainDecember 8, 2009 at 8:39 AM

    "I am a gine" says it all about the life and times of one of the most talented individuals who lived and thrived throughout the post WWII era. His music, art, photography, acting ability, visionary and anti war activities will live forever as will this word and what it stands for. Great picture, Great day of remembrance and long live the Beatles.

  3. What a tender tribute to an extraordinary man. Beautifully done, Birdman.