Friday, April 27, 2012

New Home

Here's one of my new additions this spring. It's gently swaying in the morning rain and breeze today. It's amid some pine trees. I have a few more 'houses' to get up before the first of May. I want them all to be ready for any new residents next week. This weekend, it's supposed to be a pretty nice spring weekend around here, even though the temperatures will be stuck in the 50's. We're heading into Portland tomorrow to finally celebrate our anniversary. We have a reservation at Bresca, a place we've never been to but has had rave reviews. A little work... a little rest... a little fine food... a little relaxation. They call it the weekend.


  1. Peaceful idea in this post.
    I imagine a cute happy couple of little birds living in this adorable bird house!
    Happy weekend,

  2. Much to my dismay, I see 'faces' in almost everything and it drives me nuts.
    I selected my porcelain bathroom floor based on the natural patterns in the tiles NOT having any 'faces' in it. Just ask Birdman.
    So, in this one....I see a cyclops, yukking it up.
    We all have our crosses to bear......

  3. A nice place to live:)
    ENJOY your weekend!

  4. I'm sure the birds will have a fun moving in party here.

  5. thanks, e, now i see the cyclops, too. have a fabulous dinner and know that mr and mrs brattcat are lifting a toast to you.

  6. It'll be non-alcholic, unfortuntely, but as soon as I finish this comment, I intend to brew some coffee and toast you with a brand new mug.

    Hope you have lots of fun, kids!!

    PS. Love the birdhouse and your attention to the wilder things in life!

  7. My spelling, typing, and proofreading are abominable, but you got the message from a woman who is still a bit sleepy!!

  8. So, where you live all the birds show up on the same weekend, like clockwork?

    It's nice of you to put up their houses for them.

    Have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

  9. I hope someone moves in real soon! Tomorrow will be overcast here but Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous. We'll see. :))

  10. How many bedrooms? I'm looking for a nice cabin this summer.

  11. E - I see dogs in our bathroom's limestone floor.
    B - sounds like a perfect kind of weekend to me. . .

  12. Like your birdhouse development -- and I am sure your feathered friends do too. You enjoy that great weekend! -- barbara

  13. Great hobby and worthwhile ambition. Love it.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  14. You can submit it to the Tiny House Blog. :)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend plans.

    Once I climbed the creaky stairs of the musty U. of Michigan grad school library and saw a little graffito: "God gave us the Sabbath, U of M took it away."