Thursday, February 19, 2009

Backyard Legacy

First: the weather report- It snowed throughout the night, 5 inches down. Now, light rain is falling. Here's a shot, this morning, just off the back deck. Now the story- On Easter Sunday 1979, my Dad dropped over with a couple of 'little' gifts. He had just opened a savings account at Maine Savings Bank(a banking establishment long gone), and as an incentive they were giving out fir seedlings. He got two and brought them out. In the warm sun, we grabbed a shovel, peat moss and the hose and planted them. Thirty years later, both are still standing and growing. The second one, off to the right, we decorate with lights for Christmas. It's especially comforting to me to look out upon them, throughout Maine's four unique seasons, and remember that morning together.


  1. peaceful picture for sure... I love the touch of red from one of your birdhouses amongst the snow covered trees. Thanks for sharing the story too... comforting

  2. Thanks for the story behind that magnificent tree! I never knew!

  3. What a nice memory to have for a beautiful scene. Time flies.