Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bridge South

Kind of an eerie shot at day break looking across the Fore River at the tank farm and towards Calvary Cemetery in South Portland. It's the 295 bridge running south. It caught my eye how the early sunlight lit up the stanchions, throwing subtle reflections, amidst the sea smoke that returned. As I've mentioned before, I've always enjoyed early morning loneliness. I think it's just that selfish thinking, that it's just me and the big ol' world out there, at least for a few fleeting moments.


  1. I love that glow and the way it paints cold, inanimate objects in golden hues. We're expecting more snow today. You, too?

  2. The photo never opened for me. The link to it shows it is broken.

  3. must be a cancer thing- the first time i looked at a bridge the way you looked at this bridge was like the first time bon sat with me annoyed and amazed at the edge of Back Bay on the boulevard, staring at- what bridge is that? back bay bridge- no, Casco bay bridge? I couldn't see what she meant- and then I did, and that was fun, like this pic- can I sample this pic? if so, email it to me- why make me take the pic when you did? old school.. but I'll understand if not- I wonder how often you reads these comments....