Monday, February 23, 2009


As we age, it’s nice to see the course ahead, set sail and reach the appointed shore, but you know, driftwood might have it right. Almost endlessly bouncing around in deep water, taking risks, surviving pounding surf to settle on a peaceful beach... somewhere unknown. Got a good college friend who lives, now, outside ‘hot-lanta’. During our college years, when he would visit Portland, he always told me: “I like New England, and I like this city”. Be careful what you wish for-- After college in upstate New York, and some missions over ‘Nam, he got stationed at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Me, almost as far North as you can get in the state and not be steppin’ in Canada. Later he lived in Nashua, NH and in Amherst, MA. Is there a theme here? Can’t get out of New England? Oldest son, a doctor to be, married in Newport RI, interning in Boston. His youngest son, a pilot, recently got stationed in Maine... ya you guessed it- he’s living in Portland and flying out of Brunswick. Our lives, like driftwood, take many strange twists and turns, but as Mom always told me--- 'it all works out for the BEST'! Enjoy your life where ever it takes you--- today!