Friday, February 6, 2009

Fact of Life

Here's a 'sign of life' in Maine that I pass each morning on the way to work. Good luck trying to find any seasoned wood around here these days though. This pile and most others are green, green, green! If you found any, you'd pay big bucks! I order mine in July each year and get it delivered in early October. I get anywheres between 2-3 cord, depending on winter use and the look of my woodshed. Why? There's nothing like a woodstove fire warming a house, especially on those January and February weekends. On Coyle Street, Dad would start the fire before he'd head off to the PO each morning. By seven the kitchen was toasty warm and ready for the 'invasion' of the wild kids. In the large potbelly stove, he burned wood when we first moved in, then turned to coal after a couple of years. I have fond memories of helping Mom in the morning, heading down the cellar stairs and filling the coal bucket. Snow days were especially fun in the warm kitchen: the smell of cookies in the oven, playing Uncle Wiggly at the table, coloring for hours and driving my sisters crazy! What fun!


  1. The great memories of days gone by. I guess kids today will wax nostalgic over playing video games or other forgettable things.

  2. I remember dressing for school in the kitchen, the warmest room in the house!

  3. B Squared: regarding "forgettable things", my grandsons are now into yo-yos...what goes around comes around!!