Friday, February 20, 2009

Beach Rock

An early morning stroll, at low tide along Ferry Beach, brings some interesting sights. The beach was empty except for a bunch of dog walkers, but they stayed down at the other end. I took a leisurely walk all the way to Black Point. Here's a look across, towards OOB, off in the distance. My baby sister is living in Lake Oswego, Oregon these days. Born and raised in Portland, Maine, her life, like us all, has had many twists and turns, and now she's domesticating 15 minutes or so outside Portland... Oregon. A bit ironic, I'd say. I've always found us a lot alike, the oldest and the youngest. J- a Happy Birthday wish goes out to you today, way over on the left coast. Enjoy your day! You ALWAYS do! Have one of your wonderful blueberry muffins and a Starbucks on me! ps. Thanks for that Lincoln biography you sent my way, recently! Loveya!

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  1. right back at you dear brother! thanks for the b-day wish...going skiing