Saturday, February 21, 2009

Early Coffee

Gotta get some java! By plane, train, car, feet or even bike, I enjoy getting an early morning jolt or two at interesting shops around town. Here's a coffee shop at Monument Square in the heart of the city. For the first two weeks in February, Portland held its celebration of winter called WinteRush-- just another way that helps us struggle through a long Maine winter. Over the fortnight, there were all sorts of activities from ice carving demonstrations, building snow sculptures, sled dog rides and more. The festival ended last Saturday. On the culminating day, the city constructed a huge snow jump here at the Square and brought in boarders from Sugarloaf and Sunday River, two rival ski areas in Maine, to compete and and wow the crowds with their tricks and skills. This morning, though, I'm not thinking of 'riding a rail'. Just like this chap in the picture- where can I get that first steaming cup?


  1. Nice shot. At first I wondered why this little shop was called "monumental," but then I read the text...

    Enjoy your java.

  2. There it is again those vibrant reds!

    Way to go Birdman, maybe we'll enjoy a cup or two of the ole java up your way soon!!