Thursday, February 5, 2009

Peace, Love, Books

When traveling or just hanging out, I love to seek out local bookstores, both large and small, the chain or a mom and pop versions. No matter. They just seem to pull me in with a magnetic-like attraction. Of course, this is not new to me. As a teenager, I remember often stopping by Deering Drug at Morrills Corner to check out the latest magazines and spending lots of free time in the Lincoln Jr. High School library and Burbank Branch Library with books. When on the move around the city, companions will roll their eyes as if to say, 'you're going in there again, are you'? Maybe my favorite bookshop is found on Exchange Street. It's Books Etc. There is just something soothing and warm about the two rooms, lined with books, magazines and bricks. Ah, the bricks... I especially enjoy perusing the poetry and biography sections there. I find my relationship with books to be a lonely, yet thoroughly satisfying quest, even if I walk out empty-handed. Got a favorite bookshop I should look into? Tell me about it?

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