Thursday, May 28, 2009

9 Stones

On the corner of Union and Commercial, you'll find 9 Stones. Body- Face- Spa- is what this building is all about. Never been inside these doors, and don't plan a visit soon, but it's an attractive building from the outside with a great name. At least, I think so. Often, I find some names striking and very interesting. I just love them; don't know why, just do. They just linger with me. Some I just love saying. Names of things like: book titles, beer, band names, small towns, mountains, rivers and even store names like this one. 9 Stones? I've heard of lots of standing stones, including Stonehenge. I think they call them 'druids circles'. I hear that groups of nine standing stones exist in Devon, Derbyshire, Dorset and Cornwall and Aberdeenshire in Scotland and Count Carlow in Ireland. Me? I've got about 10 acres around here with PLENTY of rocks. I guess I better make a pile of nine. I want to be a 'lucky' man!


  1. I'm really enjoying your photos. They are quite striking. I believe this is my first visit to your blog, but I once got lost in the dark in Portland, looping around an industrial zone late at night and running out of gas. I have to say, the street signs were terrible and there was no GPS back then. But I met an online friend and I still have a bizarre fondness for Portland. I hope to revisit Maine in the light of day sometime! Ciao from Oregon!

  2. I believe there were 9 original members of the Rolling Stones and in the early club days in England the Pub owners needed a band to play for the night and at the last minute they were known to say..."Oh just bring in the nine stones"!
    Great Picture!

  3. MJN, are you making things up again??
    Oh, yes, Birdman...put 9 stones together somewhere in our yard.
    If it brings good luck, heck, put 9 groups of 9 stones around.
    This could be project for Andy Goldsworthy!
    FYI (Don't know the artist Andy Goldworthy? Google him, then go to 'Images' and feast your eyes !)

  4. Hey MJN-
    You're a funny guy!But get your facts straight!
    --your friend M.Jagger

  5. Hi! Yes, it's a nice shop-name. I also recommend a song to you, it's called Seven stones by the progressive rock band, Genesis, from the album Nursery crime.