Saturday, May 16, 2009


You know it's May in Maine- Project Grad activities are coming to a close for the 2009 seniors. Deering High School senior parents are captured hustling about this morning readying for their annual Plant Sale. I did not attend DHS for high school, but all my friends, from our 'corner' of the world, did. We all thought that different schools wouldn't make all that much of a difference, but of course it did. For me a another 'road', another school- a unique set of friends emerged, a few still connected on the peripheral edges of my world now. Throughout my formative years, Mom always said, "Don't worry, things always work out for the best." And I guess they really do, but on the other hand, do we really have much of a choice in the matter? I think not. With apologies to R. Frost, find your 'road' and just take it. If you work at it, the trip will be worth it.

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  1. I love this shot. It's like a garderner's ballet. I've got a black thumb but I can still appreciate this passion for green and growing things.