Sunday, May 17, 2009

Up Street

Just off Congress, I spied this tunnel-vision shot with some blue sky peeking through this morning. A good harbinger of sunshine for the rest of the day, I hope. After all, it is SUNday! Trivia of the day-- Did you know that with a population of 230,000, the Greater Portland area(Portland and surrounding communities) is almost one quarter of Maine's total population? The city itself has about 64,000 inhabitants, many of whom will be taking to the the streets for the upcoming 36th Annual Old Port Festival on June 7. I was there at the inaugural fest, and it was a wonderful time with friends. It was a loud, fun-filled day, with music pounding away and lots of adult beverages flowing in the streets. As you might imagine, over the years, the powers-that-be have cleaned it up quite a bit and turned it into a more family-friendly atmosphere. After being away for a few years, I plan to check it out this year and see what's up. I dearly want to see if the 'city fathers' have ruined it like they did the New Years' Portland celebration of a few years back. Fireworks at 9 PM? What's up with that? Enough complaining; enjoy your SUNday!

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  1. Portland really knows how to throw a party. Hope Old Port Festival is fantastic.