Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Stop, settle ... breathe! To me, life is a complicated web of layered switchbacks. It can really get the best of you, if you ever give it a chance. Wading through the maze of 'wants' and 'gotta haves', making intelligent decisions, while always moving forward, is the key. Keep it simple! I heard these words awhile ago from a collegiate football coach(ya, you heard me right... I'm finding some of my philosophical leanings in a locker room. Ha!)
"Make a plan, Keep to the plan, Plan for the unexpected." Coach Hep
For me, this helps... a lot! My suggestion? Find your key, and life begins to fall together.


  1. Your statement seems to be somewhat contemplative and wise in its own way. The picture really emphasizes your thoughtful reflections. I like it.

  2. Reflective AND philosophical; I like that. The sentiments came at an opportune time. Thanks!