Friday, May 8, 2009

River's Edge

Along the Saco River, the water is high these days with lots of white water from the spring runoff. I love driving the cut-off on real dark nights, when the water is rolling. I stop at one favorite spot, pull over to the side and shut the truck's engine. The combination of the roar of the water and the faint white water in the distance sends goosebumps along my arms and to the back of my neck. It's a feeling I want to experience, but not for long. After a few moments, it becomes a bit discomforting, and I need to move on. Strange! I like the feeling, but really don't. Now, along the river's edge, it's hard to imagine all the 'action' mid river. Here, all is calm and peaceful, with just some gentle lapping sounds to be heard. Soothing, to sit, watch and listen.


  1. I know this feeling... like a thriller. Anyway, your blog is one of my favourites. I like reading it, sometimes my thoughts are the same.

  2. Hey, Birdman, I know just how you feel. That dizzy thrill is really good in small doses. This is a beautiful shot. Love the palette.