Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Off in the distance, the Casco Bay Bridge straddles the Fore River, resiliently in some early morning fog and mist(in CA they call it the marine layer... it's just fog to us). Built in 1997, the span replaced the old 'Million Dollar' Bridge that had been crossing the river between Portland and South Portland since 1916. Park just off Commercial Street and sojourn through the scrub brush, along the infamous 'hobo jungle', and you'll find a stunning 'look' across the water. You really never know what you're going to find along this section... usually not anything good. Garbage, discarded mattresses, large pieces of ripped canvas and lots of evidence of campsites. If you venture alone, I wouldn't tarry too long.

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  1. I never ventured down there. But once I walked across the bridge, walking all the way from the Eastern Prom to Bug light. Boy was I ever tired at the end of that day! This is a really fine photo, Birdman.