Friday, May 22, 2009


Here's an interesting doorway at the top of Pleasant Street. But for the most part, forget about doors, in life, windows are the thing! Growing up, I loved watching all the old Laurel and Hardy 'shorts'. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were genius at their craft. I've always remembered a line from one of their longer movies though. "Your eyes are the windows to your soul". As I remember it, the punch line to the comic scene involved one of the boys closing the eyes of a subject(while saying this line), and the other venturing to 'lift' something out of his jacket pocket. Always funny! I'm smiling, as I type those very words this morning. Quite simple, yet quite philosophical, I think.
*Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Dogs and burgers are the thing!


  1. Love this shot, birdman. Would we be as tickled by Laurel and Hardy now as we were in our green youth?