Thursday, May 14, 2009

Farmers' Market

You know it's May in Maine- the Farmers' Market has moved back to the Oaks. There was a little drizzle, but otherwise, it was just a 'walk in the park' the other morning. Lots of smiling faces, laughter and small talk were in evidence. I even caught sight of two, are you ready for this, belly dancers doing their thing before 8 AM. What's up with that? Do we really need entertainment, while we're buying seedlings, plants and small shrubs? Life is an intereesting ride at times.


  1. I love farmers' market days. You've captured it beautifully here. And perhaps the belly dancers were just finishing up after a long night.

  2. Very interesting, when enlarged! Let's go some Saturday morning when I can get out of bed........

  3. pick me up some thistle while you're there. lol