Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ocean Gateway Terminal opened in 2008 on May 30. The figurehead of the building is a clock tower that echoes the old Grand Trunk Railroad terminal, that once operated nearby. There are huge plans for this area of the waterfront, but the big project is stumbling a bit coming out of the proverbial starting blocks, as they would say. Looking past the deserted pilings to the left of the terminal building, Fort Gorges can be seen in the early morning mist. Many evenings our family's 'night on the town' ended with parking at Eastern Prom and watching the harbor activity below. Dad had lots of lore of the old Portland harbor area he knew as a youngster, and he would point out various spots and tell us a story or two each night. Funny story time... now, I always thought the name of the fort was 'Fort Gorgeous' and spelled that way. To this day, I remember saying to mom, "It certainly is, Mom, it certainly is!" I smile at this memorable faux pas on my part, every time I view this fort.

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  1. I think we all feel that way about Fort Gorges. Our apartment overlooked this part of the harbor and I found it difficult to get anything done. I was always looking out, taking photos, listening to the voices on the marine band radio.