Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eastern Cemetery

I took a casual stroll through Eastern Cemetery the other morning, before my second cup of coffee. Located on the Hill looking out upon the harbor, Eastern Cemetery is Portland’s oldest historic burial ground. Just a short walk, through the sometimes knee-high grass, tells you that it holds the remains of many politicians, early military heroes, those that chose a life on the sea and other early inhabitants of 'the city by the sea'. All interments were ceased here in 1858, and in 1973 was it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. A local preservation group, Spirits Alive, was formed in 2006. It conducts tours throughout the spring and summer and works on upkeep of the grounds and restoration projects. This group has plenty of work ahead of it. That's the old North School in the background. It's a rainy Saturday around here as Danny passes nearby. Good day to clean the attic!


  1. Alright! Your photo is great, as usual, but your idea to clean the attic is awesome. Go for it!!
    Today would be a good day for you to make pumpkin cookies, too, doncha think??

  2. Yumm, save me one of those cookies, please. Is this cemetery kept locked?