Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Days

Say goodbye to August... say goodbye to paradise! It's a lethal combination: blue skies, strong sunshine and money to burn. As summer wanes, tourists and locals alike are still frequenting the many shops in the Old Port, cruising the harbor and lining up for a last lobster dinner at a dockside restaurant. It's just after 11 AM, but here on Moulton Street Mexicali Blues, The Old Port Tavern and, up the hill a bit, Bull Feeney's are open for business.


  1. Ah, this one really makes me homesick for Portland. Save me a seat at Bull Feeney's please...upstairs, in the corner beside the window looking down over Old Port.

  2. (no words....just wails of sobbing. ) I love summer.......
    Great photo, We haven't been to the Old Port Tavern since the 70's, you know. Is it still good?