Saturday, August 8, 2009

Old Car Ferry

Now, when most Mainers want a lobster dinner, they take a ride to the local grocery store, pay about $7 per, take 'em home, throw in a pot of boiling water, wait for the screaming to stop, and sit back with some hot butter and ENJOY! But if you are from 'away' and want to sample this tasty crustacean delight, Dimillo's Floating Restaurant will be one of the popular establishments where you will be directed to venture. Their slogan: "The clams you eat here today slept last night in Casco Bay." I always remembered Mom raving about the seafood at "Anthony's" on Fore Street and "Boone's" on Custom House Wharf. When they were out on the town, my Mom and her girlfriends would usually rotate between a few of their favorite restaurants, and these two were always first on their list. Tony Dimillo opened Anthony's in 1954 and since then there has always been a Dimillo family presence in the city's restaurant community. He opened "Dimillo's on the Waterfront" in 1965, and in 1982 moved across Commercial Street to the now iconic "Dimillo's Floating Restaurant" and began offering a large menu, with special emphasis on lobster and seafood. Can't speak for the lobsters there, but the fried clams are to die for! mmmmmmmmm!