Sunday, August 16, 2009

Straw Hat

Finally, at long last, summer is here! Well, since June 21 it's been around, but these last few weeks the thermometer, outside my kitchen window, and the humidity have really told me so. While others sit around and complain about the rainy July, I think I'll just find a place out back, sit and enjoy the summer. July is gone; it ain't never comin' back. So why worry about it now. Yesterday, it was HOT and will be again these next few days. These hazy August days remind me of being at my grandmother's sink, and she showing me how to cool off when it was really hot out. She'd run the water ice cold and direct me to put my upturned wrists under the running water. It helped, and still does... but just for awhile. Today, I'll sit back and just enjoy the heat!


  1. When I think HOT I think of the nights on 820 Stevens when we all slept downstairs in the living room on the seat cushions near the windows...with the lace curtains breathing in and out with our dreams.
    That is.. when we weren't sleeping outside in the cabin under the stars that Grampa made.
    Love this pic, I know that bench well, bro.

  2. We've got the fans running here in Brattleboro. Our house stays cool for awhile, but day after day of sun and heat makes it impossible to keep our cool inside. I've definitely seen that hat before, Birdman. Nice photo. Enjoy.