Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Are you partial to certain colors or always feel safe with your closet filled with particular hues? I've always had a special attraction to the color orange. In high school, I felt a bit envious of Biddeford and Brewer high schools with their black and orange color schemes. In college I loved a special pair of orange corduroys that I bought at Erebus on Center Street. I wore them constantly at school. My lure of this tint was, I think, what caught my eye here, along with some shadows, placards and the unassuming name stenciled on the glass. The store is Eli phant, and it's located on the East End. Here's a small shop loaded with everything from the quirky, mundane, functional to the beautiful. Items range from prints and textiles to jewelry, handbags and recycled home goods. It certainly is a shop worth a look. Besides, the sunshine, this morning, falling as it was made for an allure that couldn't be resisited.


  1. This one should definitely be enlarged. There are so many details to take in...the worn entrance, the reflection of the lock, the posted ads, the puffed tin. Great shot, Birdman.

  2. Marchin O'NeachtainAugust 25, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    I believe the word "ORANGE" is one of the only words in the Webster's Dictionary that does not have another word that rhymes with it. Are there any language art teachers out there that may want to confirm or deny this tidbit.
    By the way, my orange countertop would go nicely with the door.

  3. Marchin, orange you glad that you asked that question? As a language arts teacher, I think that I do believe that the word "orange" does not have a word that rhymes with it. I do think, however, that your orange countertop would be better complemented by a lesser hue than an orange door. A neutral color would be a better choice.

  4. Birdman, I soooooooooooo remember those corderoy orange pants!!! I may even have a picture somewhere of you in them!! Also as I recall you wore a navy blue v neck with them??? Am I close.