Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Peaches

It's peach season! Local grocery stores seem to have packed bins these days. Sitting atop our chipped milk can, these three peaches look pretty special in the warm sun. Now, everyone probably has a peach story, myself included. During my caddying days, Mom would always throw a lunch together for me to take and eat on the course. Pretty simple really: most days it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a peach. I liked 'em juicy or sometimes even under ripe. These would have the texture of a ripe apple. I'd gnaw at it and finally get the job done. I even remember sleeping out and raiding old man Oliver's tree in his back yard. Naughty boys! They were always under ripe though. The peaches always got their revenge... a set of bigtime cramps before morning. On the golf course, when the peach was finished, I'd take that stone and heave it as far as I could, somewhere off the fairway or into one of the many water hazards. Don't be surprised, if some day, Riverside is overrun with peach trees growing in abundance. So, celebrate summer today, and let the juice of an overripe peach run down your chin!


  1. Birdman, this is one stunning photograph. All those textures and colors. A virtual fruit salad of an image to feast upon. My older daughter cannot stand the feel of peach fuzz so whenever she wanted a peach we had to peal it for her. Now her husband has the job.

  2. my grandmother, who never much liked me, made incredible peach cobbler!