Sunday, August 30, 2009


'Art Happens'.
In 1974 this sculpture called "Michael," by John Raimondi, was installed in the city, and like its later cousins the "American Family Baseball Group" at Hadlock Field and "Tracing the Fore" at Boothby Square, it was met with lots of controversy. As I remember, the first reviews were not good. Besides being ripped in print, it was even attacked numerous times with graffiti. The abstract piece, like a phoenix rising , sits on a small grassy plot, where Free Street meets Temple Street. Unlike many, from the very first time I saw it, I really liked it. In all the seasons, in all types of weather, at all times of day and night--- it sits in quiet testimony.


  1. It somehow reminds me of a spider, but weirdly enough, I like it too.

  2. You've really caught it well, Birdman, with the shadows it casts upon itself and on the ground.

  3. A romantic way to think it could be a Phoenix!
    I like modern sculpture and it is very cool!
    Also I need to say your blog is always wonderful and very informative!