Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost Bottles

E. Klaman Bottles was one of my favorite places in the Old Port to stop and take a look in the windows. Into the early 90s, this shop was always cluttered, wall to wall, with rare and common bottles of all shapes and sizes. I can remember often walking by the windows here and saying to myself: why, why, why? It's a store filled with empty glass bottles! Want a piece of rare Portland glass? Items from this longtime city icon are still available via eBay; otherwise you'll just have to say 'life is good' and deal with it.


  1. I wouldn't mind a sip from that 'life is good' bottle. Life is more serene, don't you think, when viewed through a sunlit blue-glass bottle.

  2. If I could save time in a bottle..

    The first thing I'd like to do

    Is to save everyday..Till eternity passes

    Just to spend them with you.

    Jim Croce